Fall is almost over and we are stepping straight into Winter 2015!

As you all probably know from my many blogs about bleached hair, that my hair is in fact bleached and I have a hair care routine, that even I didn’t know I was capable of. It’s a little ridiculous at times! (READ HERE)

Here are some quick hair tips to help your hair through the harsher conditions that Winter brings.

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When I first got my balayage in my hair, the stylist only used a dye and not a bleach. When I decided to go lighter, my stylist used bleach to color my hair and a toner to bring the color back to the color I wanted, which was a caramel/honey color.

The bleach really damaged my hair and I knew immediately that I would have to change my hair care routine.

This is my current routine and my hair is much healthier than it was!

1. Stop washing your hair as often

This was really difficult to do at the start, but as my hair is so much drier now, I really didn’t need to wash it as often. Freshen up your roots with dry shampoo to get you from one wash to the next.

2. Reduce the amount of heat that you use on your hair

Nowadays, I rarely blow dry my hair and I try and let it dry naturally most times. I keep my hair tied back during the week whether that is in a ponytail, plait or bun. Then, I style with heat at the weekends, if I am heading out.


3. Use a toner conditioner

When you have bleached your hair, it is essential to use a toner conditioner to ensure as much as much as possible, that your hair doesn’t go a brassy, orange color. There are so many on the market at the moment, but my favourite is Schwartzkopf Extra Care Blonde Toner. I have used so many brands of “purple” shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair but I have found this conditioner is all I need to keep my color toned.



4. Use a hair treatment or mask once a week

Your hair is going to need extra hydration and conditioning and therefore I recommend a hair mask once a week. I use Schwartzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair mask.




5. Use a hair oil

I have been a fan of Moroccan Oil for a few years now. I always use it when I get out of the shower. Take some oil and rub into the tips of your hair, really massaging it into the hair. I have quite fine hair but the oil does not make my hair greasy. I use it all over the areas of my hair that is bleached.I have tried dry oil sprays and I find they do not absorb into the hair as well so I always recommend an oil, even for fine hair. If your hair is prone to oil, just be sure to use a little amount of oil.



6. Use a leave in conditioner as well

In addition to using a conditioner in the shower and my hair oil, I use a leave in spray for blonde hair. It just gives hair additional hydration and trust me, bleached hair needs as much repair and conditioning as possible! At the moment I am using Edward Beale Hi Light Brite Leave in Spray Conditioner. It is specifically for blondes and I really find my hair is softer as a result of this spray.

7. Use a heat protector spray

When you do use heat styling on your hair, be sure to protect it first. Use a spray on damp hair when you are blow drying, then spray it on again on to your dry hair before you straighten or curl your hair. I like TRESemme Heat Creations spray.

TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray (1)