I love this picture of Kylie Jenner, even though she bugs the hell out of me  – she looks great in this picture. I love the lippy and finally her hair is back black and looks gorgeous!


She is fast becoming the most powerful Kardashian and when she wears or tweets about a new product, the world goes into chaos and the product sells out. Will hair tattoos be the next thing that every one will want?

Kylie-Jenner-Wearing-Hair-Tattoos (1)

What do you think of the look? Would you wear them?


You can buy them from Target or check them out online here. 





Fall is almost over and we are stepping straight into Winter 2015!

As you all probably know from my many blogs about bleached hair, that my hair is in fact bleached and I have a hair care routine, that even I didn’t know I was capable of. It’s a little ridiculous at times! (READ HERE)

Here are some quick hair tips to help your hair through the harsher conditions that Winter brings.

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Unless you live under a rock, you know that NYFW is taking place as we speak. Or rather as I type and you read- you know what I mean!

The Carolina Herrera show has introduced the new “it” hair for Spring and it couldn’t be simpler to replicate. However, I think I am going to get a jump on this look and wear it Falls well!






Here is how you can recreate this look at home!


Start by washing your hair using Perfectly (un)Done Weightless Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and rough dry.

Apply Get Sleek Blow Dry Balm from roots to ends and dry hair with a round bristle brush before using a comb to create a straight center part.






Separate hair into 2-inch wide sections and use a 1.5 inch barrel curling wand to create a very loose S-bend wave in the hair, rolling the curling wand down the hair. Use the edge of the curling wand to smooth the hair at the roots.



Lightly spritz Smooth & Silky Shine Spray over hair and onto your fingers to tame any fly aways around the face.



Finish by spraying Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray for flexible hold.



What products to use:





You can probably been living under a rock if you have not yet heard of strobing! Loved by celebs and beauty bloggers alike, this trend is seen as the anti-contour.

Candice and Chrissy are fans of strobing!
Candice and Chrissy are fans of strobing!

I am a lover of contour. I love a chiseled cheek bone and perfectly contoured nose and I didn’t think I would get on board with this strobing look.

Here is why I like it:

  • It’s so simple to master
  • It takes half the time that contouring takes
  • It looks so natural and you don’t look like you spent ages doing your makeup (because you haven’t!)
  • It gives a fantastic glowy, dewy skin
  • If you are prone to oily skin, don’t shy away from this look! Own it! Don’t worry about looking shiny- it’s the whole point. use powder to keep your nose, chin and forehead matte and let your natural skin type enhance your strobe!
  • As much as I love a good contour, It’s not a look to be done every day so strobing is the perfect alternative for a natural work, daytime look!
  • Gigi Hadid loves it so it’s OK with me!
Gigi strobes? I'm jumping on the bandwagon!
Gigi strobes? I’m jumping on the bandwagon!

So say bye, bye contouring and hello strobing! Check out my favourite products to have you strobing like a pro in no time!

Kim made contouring a must in every makeup routine but let’s be honest, it is not an everyday look!
Keep your contouring for the weekend Lou!
Keep your contouring for the weekend Lou!

How to Strobe:

Hit the points below with your favorite product. Blend into your skin (I use my fourth finger to blend!) until you have the desired glow. Use product sparingly and you can always add more if you so wish!

Keep the corners of your nose, chin and between your brows and forehead matte by using your favorite powder!


What to use for strobing:

Take note that the below colors are for fairer skin tones, but most of these brands carry many different colours of the same product so go a little deeper. if you have dark skin, gold tones look amazing on your skin for strobing. Try Moon Beam from Benefit!

I prefer liquid products to strobe – it’s gives a more natural, dewy look!


Mac cosmetic
44 CAD –

Cream makeup
40 CAD –

Nars cosmetic
40 CAD –

Clinique cosmetic
35 CAD –

L Oréal Paris highlight makeup
15 CAD –

9.95 CAD –

NYX face makeup
8.87 CAD –

Blender brush
7.28 CAD –

Beauty product
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Having just been featured on (READ HERE) with my favorite beauty items, I wanted to return to doing my monthly favorite features on my blog too!

I have tried a LOT of new products recently and want to share my thoughts with you. Follow me on twitter (click here) or on instagram (click here) for all my daily updates and pictures!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask

if you need your hair hydrated, this miracle mask is what you need! I use it 1-2 times per week on my bleached hair and it is fantastic. It leaves my hair feeling so silky and hydrated and it is only about $7!


Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother

This a dupe for Clairns Instant Light Lip Perfector. They have a very similar texture and consistency and small amazing! I love these for work. They look so natural but also like you made an effort to get ready, even though you just slapped this on on your way to work!

Again these products are only about $3.50 so how can you go wrong!


Clinique City Block SPF moisturizer

Whether you are in a warm country or not, your skin still needs SPF protection as the sun can penetrate your skin even when it feels cold outside. I wear this every day, even in Winter, and it is so nice to apply. The consistency is gorgeous and absorbs into the skin so well. Read my full review here.


Nyx Butter Gloss

These are insta-famous and the butter glosses have been recommended by beauty bloggers and editors for ages now, but I simply cannot stop raving about them even now! This is the shade Creme Brulee and is the perfect nude in my opinion. Wear solo, under your favorite nude toned lipstick or simply pair with your fav rose/nude tinted liner for a gorgeous look.


Savvy Mineral Baked Bronzer

Attempting to hang on to the last remnants of the Summer sun by using this little beauty. I love to use this on the apples of my cheeks and along my temples, to give a gorgeous glow. Think Jennifer Lopez style! This is especially fabulous on tanned skin or darker tones. I don’t recommend contouring with it as it has a shimmer and you should always use a matte bronzer to carve out those cheek bones. Also, be aware that the powder is pigmented so use less color that you want at first, and build up to the desired shimmer. It’s always easier to add product than to take it away!


W7 In the Buff Palette

A dupe for the Naked 2 palette at less than one quarter of the price, makes the W7 In the Buff Palette, a must have of mine for bronze, earthy tones. I have a full review on the blog, to read just click here.


Essence Nail Polish

I just love Essence nail polish. They have an amazing range of color choice, they are EUR1.79 and as far as nail polishes go, do not chip off that easily.

This picture is my nails on day 5! The colors are #36 dare it nude and the glitter one is #44on air!


Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer

I love Rimmel Perfect Match concealer but this one is just taking its place for me in my favorite concealer category! I love this concealer in the shade Light, but you can also buy a Brightener shade, which is really great for those that suffer with dark circles or just want to use it for a contouring purpose. I usually squeeze it out onto the back of my hand, as I don’t tend to like using the applicator, but as far as annoying applicators go, this isn’t the worst! This is so worth buying so it is a must have to add to your beauty bag!


Have you tried any of these products? If you have, be sure to let me know!

Love Lou xx