In fashion history, there are some moments that define an era or a celebrity’s career whether intentional or not. Here are just a few of my favourite fashion moments that always stick out in my mind. While some are more iconic than others, they all make my Style Crush list.




While the first picture may be her most iconic, my favourite Audrey Hepburn outfit from her movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is this sweater with high waisted pants. This outfit is classic and timeless and could be worn today and still be considered on trend.


The night the world took note of Jennifer Lopez. This image is the reason why Google came up the idea of Google Images, because so many people were looking for an image of this dress online.


The Spice Girls were the soundtrack of my childhood and while you may not wear this look today, there is no doubt this outfit from Ginger is truly iconic.






Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface wore so many amazing outfits that I simply couldn’t pick just one!


SAINT TROPEZ, FRANCE: The Rolling Stones' singer Mick Jagger from United Kingdom and Bianca Perez Morera de Macias from Nicaragua chat 12 May 1971 in Saint Tropez during their civic wedding ceremony. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Bianca Jagger’s wedding outfit is one of my favourite looks of all time. It’s timeless, beautiful and ultimately one of the most stylish looks I have ever seen.



Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu gets a look in here of course!Cindy-Crawford-Pepsi-commercial


Cindy Crawford personified the 90s and was my style crush when I was a child. Her looks on MTV’s House of Style are some of my earliest memories of falling in love with fashion and I wanted to raid her entire closet!

MisfitsMarilyn Monroes’s most iconic look is probably her holding down her white dress but for me, her effortless style in this picture on the set of her movie, Misfits, is by far my favourite.


Mia Farrow’s entire wardrobe in The Great Gatsby was to die for!


No one will ever forget when a young Kate Moss stepped out for an Elite Model Agency party in London wearing a sheer slip dress. The slip dress quickly became the staple item of the 90s.


Again, an iconic outfit that always comes to mind, is Cher’s yellow plaid ensemble with her over the knee white socks. You know you wanted everything in her closet!

What are some of your favourite outfits from fashion history? Comment below or tweet me @AmyLouiseTracey


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